I shot the Pharaoh – Passover the Bob Marley way

Here’s something to float in your Matzoh Ball soup – the new Bob Marley Haggadah, a clever effort from Nathan Phillips, of the SS+K ad agency, aided by designer Jessica Stewart (or, as she’s listed on the Bob Marley Passover website, “Jessica Stewart, Shiksa.”)

The Bob Marley Haggadah gives you all the info you need to conduct your Passover Seder, including all essential rituals and the Hebrew prayers transliterated into English, while also indulging in constant irreverent banter and some gratuitous Morrissey bashing, and ending with the full lyrics to R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.”

As a wee sampler, here is what Bob Marley Passover has to say about the addition of an orange to the traditional Seder plate:

THE ORANGE, is a modern addition to the seder plate. When women were first becoming rabbis, a lady named Susannah Heschel was traveling in Florida, the Land of Oranges. One night she spoke at a synagogue about the emerging equality of women in Jewish life. After she spoke, a fat annoying man stood up and said in the nasal voice of a dick, “A woman belongs on the bimah as much as an orange belongs on the seder plate!”

Ever since that day, we place an orange on the seder plate, as a big f*ck you to haters everywhere. At Bob Marley Passover, we use a gay orange as a way to remember that absolutely everybody should have a place at the table.

 You can read and download the whole Haggadah here. Happy Pessach, everyone!

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