Yael Schonfeld Abel: Hebrew/English Translator

Yael Schonfeld Abel is an experienced Hebrew/English translator who has been working in the field for about twenty years. She has worked for publishers, leading translation agencies throughout the U.S., and private clients on a wide variety of Hebrew-to-English and English-to-Hebrew translations.

Areas of expertise and services offered include:

  • Literary translations – I’ve worked for both Israeli and American publishers, translating works of fiction by Joyce Carol Oates, Terry McMillan, and Hillary Mantel, as well as a wide variety of non-fiction on topics including psychology, health, spirituality, and more. My translation of Dror Moreh’s The Gatekeepers, based on his Oscar-nominated documentary, was recently published by Skyhorse Publishing, and I’ve translated memoirs, thrillers, SciFi and literary fiction from Hebrew to English.
  • Quick and accurate translation of documents – birth certificates, marriage certificates, including the Ktuba, ID cards, immunization records, report cards and academic certifications, and more
  • Business and legal translations – insurance-related documents, leases and other legal contracts, business records and correspondence
  • Document analysis – extraction of required information from a document in Hebrew, without needing to translate the entire document
  • Language evaluations – analysis of a subject’s level of written or spoken Hebrew, based on a writing sample or a short phone conversation
  • More – medical, academic, pop-culture and religious texts.

Are you interested in translating your book from Hebrew to English, in order to sell it on Amazon or market it independently as an ebook? A quality translation is an essential part of the process. I can offer the unique expertise of a translator who has worked for both Israeli and American publishers and private clients, and is fluent in both cultures. I can ensure a strong, organic translation that will flow naturally in English and appeal to an English-speaking audience. Contact me with details about your book for a price estimate and a translation sample.

Tell me about your text or email it to me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



My standard rate is 12 cents per English word. Rates may change for book-length manuscripts, if your text is handwritten, of poor quality, unusually complex, or if you need a very quick turnaround.

My minimum fee is $30. Payment is accepted by check or PayPal.

Contact me:

Email: yael@hebrewtranslations.org

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