I had the pleasure of working with Yael on translating into English the story I published in a literary magazine. Yael has an incredible and rare gift for creating beautifully written English versions of your text but at the same time being maximally faithful to the original, to the point that the author would feel as if the English text is “his own”. This, along with Yael’s tact and her willingness to help on a short notice, makes her a perfect translator and an ideal collaborator on any project.

– Professor Nila Friedberg, Portland State University


Yael is a wonderful translator to work with. In the two years that I worked with her on translation projects through InterLingua, she proved herself to be extremely reliable and professional, working with a high level of integrity, and consistently delivering excellent work. I highly recommend her.

– Silvia de la Pena, former editor at InterLingua translation agency


I have longtime been dazzled by Yael’s skills with languages. Whether she is the author, editor, or translator on a project, she has an unmatched ability to look into the heart of a text and bring forth its finest meaning.
– Laurel Leigh, Independent Writer/Editor


I had the wonderful pleasure of working with Yael over the course of my training as a psychologist. Yael helped me by translating academic texts, and editing and proof reading my dissertation as well as marketing materials for my business.

As a translator, she is very sensitive to language nuances both in Hebrew and in English and has a particular talent in preserving the meaning of the text.Her breadth of knowledge was very useful in editing psychology texts. She helped me to focus my writing while respecting my own voice as a writer. My work was always more polished as a result of Yael’s feedback.

Yael is a kind, professional, highly reliable person, and is always a pleasure to collaborate with. I cannot recommend her warmly enough!

– Neallie Ranon, PsyD, Clinical Psychologist

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