Here are some useful, interesting and informative sites for all your Hebrew language, literature and translation needs. If you have other suggestions, contact me and tell me about them.

A major translation forum, with especially active and helpful discussion and question forums, which just might help you nail down that one elusive term you’ve been searching for.

One of the most useful online dictionaries I’ve come across, specializing in finance, business administration, banking and related fields.

Another useful dictionary for accounting, tax and banking terminology

A good source for medical terminology, one of the fields where accurate terms are most vital

Date Conversion
Need to convert a Jewish date into a Gregorian date, or vice versa? This is the site for you.

Hilan Tech Lexicon
Another good lexicon for wage and employment terms

Acronym Central
Great source for all your Hebrew acronym needs. Especially useful for traditional religious acronyms.

Translator Links
Long, comprehensive list of dictionaries, lexicons, and other good language resources, including many which are on this very list.

Just One More Page
For Hebrew speakers: Gili Bar Hillel translated the Harry Potter books, as well as many other fine children and YA books, into Hebrew. (She also studied with me at Hebrew University, a fact she might or might not remember…). Her blog addresses many interesting issues concerning English-to-Hebrew translation and other literary matters.

Three Percent Blog
Three Percent covers international literature translated into English, including respectable coverage of Israeli literature.

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