Review of Etgar Keret’s latest work, by the Portland Mercury

Etgar Keret’s newest translated venture, Suddenly, a Knock on the Door, is creating a good buzz. Keret was recently interviewed in front of a Chicago audience by fellow fiction writer Nathan Englander, with whom he appears to share a happy creative synergy (Englander’s latest, What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank, credits Keret with supplying the inspiration for not one but two of the collection’s stories). Read a review of Keret’s latest in Portland’s own

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The dark side of being a Harry Potter translator.

The always-interesting Gili Bar Hillel discusses the dark side of being a Harry Potter translator, apropos her troubled and troubling relationship with Warner Brothers, on her blog, “Just One More Page.” The blog is primarily in Hebrew, but this entry is in English.

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Translator slam

If you still haven’t exhausted the meager supply of free articles which the online version of the New York Times is granting its readers these days, here’s an interesting article about the “Translator Slam” held as part of the PEN World Voices Literary Festival on April 26. The highlight was, without a doubt, the panel on translation of profanities and obscenities, using Adam Mansbach’s notorious “Go the F**k to Sleep” as a case study.

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Welcome to the work in progress that is my blog. My current plan is to share little tidbits relating to translation and translator issues, Hebrew lit in English translation and in general, and anything else that catches my fancy and seems pertinent. This might evolve over time – stay tuned!

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